About us

Growth Animals is a marketing agency founded by Chris Thornhill and Jen Bayford, who met as colleagues in their roles as senior marketers at Goodwood, in West Sussex. Through their abundant experience and expert skills, Chris and Jen excel at developing the marketing strategies which help brands grow and are committed to achieving their clients’ goals in the most ethical way.

Throughout their careers leading in-house teams, Chris and Jen displayed a special knack for attracting smart, high-achieving marketeers and this is what gave them the confidence to start building their own agency of talented people.

Chris and Jen have a stirling track record of growing businesses as leaders of in-house marketing teams and they’re now continuing this legacy with their clients as an agency, alongside their team of talented specialists. The Growth Animals team specialises in helping businesses accelerate their growth and achieve their aspirations, whilst also making a positive impact.

Despite being different ‘animals’ with individual strengths and skills, what we all have in common is our tenacity for business growth and our passion for ethical marketing!

Meet the team

Introducing the Growth Animals. Find out a bit more about us and what we each bring to the table.

Chris Thornhill


Co-founder & CEO


Chris is a fantastic leader and has brilliant business acumen, having spent his career working for some hugely exciting, energetic and entrepreneurial organisations both in the UK and globally. He’s led teams that have launched, promoted and grown brands across multiple sectors and markets. 

Like Barack Obama, Chris’ Myers-Briggs animal profile is a falcon, and we are inclined to agree this personality-type suits him. He is indeed a great communicator, a logical thinker and problem solver, someone who pushes boundaries and takes calculated risks to fantastic effect.

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Co-founder & Marketing Director


Jen is a dolphin, according to the animal personality profile; friendly, cheerful and with bundles of energy. Jen loves people, so she’s an extremely relational member of the gang. She can always be relied upon to provide an upbeat atmosphere and create an environment whereby others think they can achieve anything.

During Jen’s career of experience launching and growing brands of differing sizes and maturity, Jen has shown herself to be an imaginative and inventive problem solver, who is focussed on getting the job done. As her mum Barbara says, everything Jen does, she certainly gives 100%.

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Digital & Delivery Marketing Manager


James is our resident Digital Marketing Specialist. He’s responsible for our clients’ digital presence and is the go-to for suggesting digital strategy in line with a client’s business and marketing objectives. He’s an ace at project managing website builds and developing online search strategy, and integrating requirements like CRM/Email marketing and paid marketing across multiple channels.

James, who has worked in a similar roles for financial and corporate organisations, as well as a reputable publishing house and the oldest law firm still in operation, brings the all-important digital knowledge and expertise our clients rely upon. A seahorse animal profile, he works best when inspiring the rest of the team and clients. He is a perfectionist, easy-going and calm and enjoys the ever-changing, complex world of digital marketing.



Brand and Content Specialist


Our Brand and Content Specialist, Laura, is a copywriter with a marketing background, whom we met at Goodwood. Laura has a great ability to work with our clients to bring a business to life through words and, whatever the subject area, Laura uses her skills to plan and create engaging content, with the target audience and business objectives in mind.

As our resident wordsmith, Laura has brilliant creative flair and a magical way of conveying messages and stories for our clients. Laura’s personality profile is a seahorse, and she certainly is as imaginative and deep as the Myers-Briggs profile suggests. She is a brilliant listener, quickly getting under the skin of the brands we work for and beautifully articulating each brand in order to connect to their target audiences.



Junior Designer


We are lucky enough to have a very talented in-house graphic designer within the Growth Animals team. Georgia works hand-in-hand with the rest of the team to create visually appealing graphics for use across our clients’ digital platforms. Whilst we use a specialist branding agency for significant visual development, we have Georgia for minor brand tweaks.

Georgia is an eagle profile. Their characteristics include being great at ideas and very determined to make things happen. Georgia is confident in their way of thinking and always provides a fresh perspective, as well as fantastic originality.



Digital Marketing Assistant


Another friendly, cheerful Dolphin, Mia joined the team as a Marketing Assistant, as part of her university degree. She’s learnt the ropes extremely quickly, and is proving to be a truly promising asset to the Growth Animals team.

Mia is a fantastic self-starter, getting stuck into all areas of marketing and supporting the team to deliver great work for our clients. She’s also shown particular natural talent for the written word, and under Laura’s wing, is developing her copywriting skills to a high standard. 

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Our company values

Throughout our time together, we have become increasingly focused on the ‘why’ behind the brands we work on, and that’s why you’ll see our personal values shining through in everything we do:

We love to win

We love to win

We know that winning isn’t everything, but it’s pretty damn cool, and that’s why we’re tenacious about helping our clients win too.

We love to have fun

We love to have fun

Life is too short to take yourself seriously, so when you work with us, not only will we help you grow, we’ll ensure you have a bit of fun in the process.

Always act with integrity

Always act with integrity

Success means nothing if it’s not achieved with integrity and shared. That’s why we commit to working pro bono with a different charity each year and have partnered with Dementia Support, as our official charity.

Don't just take our word for it...

Don’t just take our word for it…

Growth Animals are a fast working, bright, innovative team that really understand what it means to act as supportive partners to your business.
Jaap Röell , Managing Director of Roxburghe Estates
We absolutely love the brand that Growth Animals created for us. We were blown away by their insightfulness and creativity and enjoyed every minute of working with them.
Timothy Hobern, Co-Founder of Civity
Jen and Chris played instrumental roles in the strategic expansion of the Goodwood Road Racing Club.
Alan Brewer, General Manager Goodwood Road Racing Club

Growth Animals really helped our marketing team develop plans to grow awareness of the charity’s services and successfully increase our charitable donations.

Sally Tabbner, CEO, Dementia Support
Thank you for your support! I feel we’ve moved forwards in our thinking and approach with the help of you folks.
Chris Preston, Co-founder of Culture Builders
I would recommend the team at Growth Animals to any business looking for expert advice on how to grow.
Shane O'Doherty, Founder of GRAFT
The team at Growth Animals are extremely knowledgeable – they certainly know their stuff! If your business needs any help with marketing, you need not to look any further.
Alex Berry, Managing Director of V2 Radio
Every moment with Growth Animals was incredibly helpful, insightful and full of good advice.
Sarah Maitland Carew, Owner of Thirlestane Castle

Our charity partner

Our close connection began with Dementia Support when Chris started to volunteer as a non-exec on the charity’s board back in 2018. The work the organisation does to support those living with dementia and their carers and family is so outstanding and is solely funded by donations, so it went without saying that they’d be chosen as Growth Animal’s charity partners, so we could continue to support their growth in awareness and charitable donations through marketing.