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Growth Animals

We are a high achieving team, who specialise in enabling businesses to apply effective marketing in order to accelerate growth, make a positive impact and achieve their aspirations. We hate marketing jargon, and believe that companies should be in control of their marketing, whatever their resource or expertise (teach a man to fish and all that…).

Our track record of successfully growing businesses throughout our client side marketing careers, gave us the experience and confidence to launch Growth Animals, a marketing company committed to growing businesses the right way. It gives us a unique perspective, ensuring we can be the perfect partner or extension of your team.

And, despite being different ‘animals’ with individual strengths and skills, what we all have in common is our tenacity for business growth and our passion for ethical marketing!

Meet the team

Introducing Chris, Jen and Jerin. Find out a bit more about us and what we each bring to the table.

Chris Thornhill


Co-founder & CEO


Chris is a fantastic leader and has brilliant business acumen, having spent his career working for some hugely exciting, energetic and entrepreneurial organisations both in the UK and globally. He’s led teams that have launched, promoted and grown brands across multiple sectors and markets. 

Like Barrack Obama, Chris’ Myers-Briggs animal profile is a falcon, and we are inclined to agree this personality-type suits him, as he is indeed a great communicator, a logical thinker and problem solver and someone who pushes boundaries and takes calculated risks to fantastic effect.

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Jen Bayford | Growt Animals Co-Founder and Marketing Director


Co-founder & Marketing Director


Jen is a dolphin personality profile, and it’s a perfect match as dolphins are friendly, cheerful and have bundles of energy. Jen loves people. So she is the extremely relational member of the gang. She can always be relied upon to provide an upbeat atmosphere, and create an environment whereby others think they can achieve anything.

During Jen’s career of experience launching and growing brands of differing sizes and maturity, Jen has shown herself to be an imaginative and creative problem solver, who is focussed on getting the job done. As her mum Barbara says, everything Jen does, she certainly gives 100%. 

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Jerin Micheal


Content & Digital Marketing Manager


Jerin is super smart. And very funny. Apparently, much like Mary Poppins, Jerin’s profile is a panda. He’s super organised, reliable and hard working. We were so glad when he agreed to join Growth Animals, as he completes us with his incredible digital and content marketing skills, his creativity and his professionalism. 

Jerin seeks to truly understand the client’s needs in order to deliver his super high standard of work. He’s really bloody good.

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Our company values

Throughout our time together, we have become increasingly focused on the ‘why’ behind the brands we work on, and that’s why you’ll see our personal values shining through in everything we do:

We love to win

We love to win

We know that winning isn’t everything, but it’s pretty damn cool, and that’s why we’re tenacious about helping our clients win too.

We love to have fun

We love to have fun

Life is too short to take yourself seriously, so when you work with us, not only will we help you grow, we’ll ensure you have a bit of fun in the process.

Always act with integrity

Always act with integrity

Success means nothing if it’s not achieved with integrity and shared. That’s why we commit to working pro bono with a different charity each year and have partnered with Dementia Support, as our official charity.

Don't just take our word for it...

Don’t just take our word for it…

Chris delivered growth for us across multiple brands and multiple markets, combining his ability to apply strong strategic thinking, with his passion for leading and coaching others. He consistently got the most out of his team and our partner markets, ensuring they consistently had the insights and tools they needed, to activate maximum business growth.
Peter Hammarstedt, Managing Director of Carlsberg Sweden
As well as invaluable direction from Chris, in his capacity as a non-exec board Trustee, Jen has supported our marketing team in developing plans to grow awareness of the charity’s services and to increase our charitable donations. Prioritising the team’s efforts, the emphasis has been on the branding strategy, optimising the online customer journey and with the expert advice of Jerin, creating an engaging content plan.
Sally Tabbner, CEO, Dementia Support
Jen was with our company for eight years, responsible for the development and marketing of different French prestige perfume collections. She is very able and understands brands, always seeking out the best ways to market using a 360 degree approach, both above and below the line.  Her knowledge of all media national and social is also strong, enabling her to use budgets in the most resourceful way.  In our company she successfully rebranded an old product resulting in a significant market share growth. Jen has a great smile and perfect communication skills at all levels of management.
Kenneth Green, Chairman Kenneth Green Associates

Our charity partner

Our close connection began with Dementia Support when Chris started to volunteer as a non-exec on the charity’s board back in 2018. The work the organisation does to support those living with dementia and their carers and family is so outstanding and is solely funded by donations, so it went without saying that they’d be chosen as Growth Animal’s charity partners, so we could continue to support their growth in awareness and charitable donations through marketing.