About us

We are a high achieving ethical growth marketing consultancy team, who specialise in enabling businesses to apply effective marketing in order to accelerate growth and achieve their aspirations. We hate marketing jargon, and believe that companies should be in control of their marketing, whatever their resource or expertise (teach a man to fish and all that…). 

Our track record of successfully growing businesses throughout our respective careers gave us the confidence to all take voluntary redundancy in order to follow our dream of setting up Growth Animals. We dreamed of applying the same energy and expertise, coaching businesses, unlocking their potential to grow through the right marketing approach. 

And the best bit, despite all being different ‘animals’ with individual strengths and skills, what we do have in common is our tenacity, passion and, dare we say it ourselves, talent!

Meet the team

Introducing Chris, Jen and Jerin. Find out a bit more about us and what we each bring to the table.


Co-founder & CEO


Chris is a fantastic leader and has brilliant business acumen, having spent his career working for some hugely exciting, energetic and entrepreneurial organisations both in the UK and globally. He’s led teams that have launched, promoted and grown brands across multiple sectors and markets. 

Like Barrack Obama, Chris’ Myers-Briggs animal profile is a falcon, and we are inclined to agree this personality-type suits him, as he is indeed a great communicator, a logical thinker and problem solver and someone who pushes boundaries and takes calculated risks to fantastic effect.

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Co-founder & Marketing Director


Jen is a dolphin personality profile, and it’s a perfect match as dolphins are friendly, cheerful and have bundles of energy. Jen loves people. So she is the extremely relational member of the gang. She can always be relied upon to provide an upbeat atmosphere, and create an environment whereby others think they can achieve anything.

During Jen’s career of experience launching and growing brands of differing sizes and maturity, Jen has shown herself to be an imaginative and creative problem solver, who is focussed on getting the job done. As her mum Barbara says, everything Jen does, she certainly gives 100%. 

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Content & Digital Marketing Manager


Jerin is super smart. And very funny. Apparently, much like Mary Poppins, Jerin’s profile is a Teddy Bear. He’s super organised, reliable and hard working. We were so glad when he agreed to join Growth Animals, as he completes us with his incredible digital and content marketing skills, his creativity and his professionalism. 

Jerin seeks to truly understand the client’s needs in order to deliver his super high standard of work. He’s really bloody good.  And no that isn’t a typo on his surname, it really is Micheal.

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