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The Growth Healthcheck is a combination of our Growth MOT (digital audit), and an hour-long Coaching Session with two of the Growth Animals, designed to kickstart your business growth.

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The Growth Healthcheck is a combination of our Growth MOT (digital audit), and an hour-long Coaching Session with two of the Growth Animals, designed to kickstart your business growth.

Growth MOT

This will provide an overview of the current health of your digital channels including website and social media. Providing a detailed analysis of elements including SEO, usability, conversion optimisation, content and more. The Growth MOT will identify how easy it is for users to engage with your brand digitally and where improvements can be made. This is summarised into a report, separated into ‘quick wins’ and ‘strategic builds’, making it as simple as possible to understand and implement the findings. The findings of the Growth MOT are presented within the Coaching Session allowing for any specific questions to be answered.

Coaching Session

This session is designed to quickly understand the state of your brand and identify areas for short, medium and long term growth. The session covers topics including your story, your competition, audiences, messaging and content. The session is perfect for businesses who need guidance on which areas of marketing to focus on, or to get an outside assessment of the effectiveness of current plans and strategies.

The Coaching Session will be facilitated via a live video call. An invitation to book the Coaching Session will be sent to you via email once the Healthcheck is purchased.

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9 reviews for Growth Healthcheck: Digital Audit & 1hr Online Coaching Session

  1. EsTeam Coaching

    I would highly recommend Growth Animals. Jen, Chris and Jerin were extremely friendly and knowledgeable. They gave me great advice, tips and solutions that I’ll be able to implement into my business to improve my marketing, service and support me to grow.
    They were professional and their expertise in the field shone through. I was made to feel at ease almost immediately and they were more than happy to answer any of my questions. The pre and post-call care has also been fantastic. I am already looking forward to our next call in a months time to show them what I have implemented following the call.

  2. Waves Music Therapy

    I arrived at the meeting having read about Growth Animals and hoping for input that could help our charity to reach more people. I had no idea that Jen and Jerin would arrive at the meeting having already completed hours and hours of prep work. Both of them had completely engaged with our charity, completely understood our mission and our ethos. They carefully walked me through the healthcheck, explaining the terminology and at every stage shared how we can improve. They graciously shared their experience of the website and made suggestions that now seem so logical and identified the areas where we are struggling and thought of ways for us to grow and expand.
    Having fresh eyes look over your work is valuable, but having expert eyes look over your work, with Growth Animal’s experience and knowledge but also their kindness and genuine desire to see you get better and reach your professional goals, was invaluable.
    Our sincere thanks.
    Waves Music Therapy

  3. GRAFT

    The guys at Growth Animals were immediately warm and friendly, putting me at my ease and creating an environment in which we could identify and discuss all of my business’s weaknesses and potential opportunities – which was really refreshing. As a small business owner I am as aware of my companies strengths but I found identifying our failings really difficult, I knew they existed but couldn’t concisely describe them or action a remedy. In an hour I got answers, understanding, and (most importantly) an action plan. After which, I was immediately more efficient, having a “plan of attack” clearly made all the difference & I would recommend it to any business owner, especially if you’re a textbook over-thinker as I am.

  4. Philip Raby Specialist Cars

    Chris and Jerin must have spent a lot of time researching our business prior to our meeting. They offered an excellent assessment our website and gave suggestions on how it could be improved. This was followed up by a detailed written report which gives us a good roadmap to move forward with.

  5. Tails of Felpham

    Thank you Jen and Jerin, for your time, effort and wealth of knowledge. You are both excellent communicators and came across very clear. I now have ample things to think about and plans for the future. You gave me some positive feedback which is always great to hear, especially when at times I feel as if I’m bumbling way through things. I really liked the fact that you recommended video’s to watch, websites to look at, saucing a company logo, etc. I feel a lot more knowledgeable now than I did before. So now I just need to put it into practice, and if I can’t I can always call on Jerin’s services. Thank you both.

  6. KidCoach App

    Chris and team are an approachable bunch who listen well and offer on-point advice. I am a big fan of “Growth Marketing” and they will be top of mind for me as we implement some of this good stuff.

  7. Ben Griss Copywriting

    Chris and Jerin took me through my Healthcheck very methodically, and explained clearly how I could make some clever changes to potentially attract more customers. They were helpful, honest and took a real interest in my business and its objectives. I’d recommend speaking to Growth Animals if you want to give your business a boost in these challenging times. Thanks very much!

  8. Bespoken Voices

    Growth Animals went above and beyond our expectations. Jen and Jerin had clearly researched our industry thoroughly before speaking to us, and were therefore able to give us bespoke advice. We left our MOT feeling thoroughly motivated, and with a very clear plan as to how to take our company up to the next level (or three). Thanks for everything.

  9. Recalibration Coaching

    Fantastic session with Jen and Jerin – they brought great insight, reflection and recommendations that made me really think and see how I can take my business to the next level. Very much appreciated their expertise and their warm and helpful attitude

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